We are excited you’ve come to check out what Police Wives of America is all about!  We hope that you find this space uplifting as we aspire to inspire, encourage and support Thin Blue Line wives and families across America.


Police Wives of America was born as a result of the many tragedies the law enforcement family has experienced over the past several years.  With many agencies not having a vital support group established, families who live in the shadows of officers wearing the badge often struggle through difficult times alone and without support.  In these times, no more than ever, it is so important for police wives to have a safe place they can turn to for support, encouragement and friendship, from a sisterhood who can relate to their fears, concerns and triumphs.


Although the majority of citizens do respect law enforcement, it is difficult to truly understand the struggles and difficulties of us; the women who live the life of a law enforcement officer wife.


There is no better group of ladies anywhere who can do a better job representing, supporting and backing their officer.  As an officer’s wife, you see up-close the life that your spouse lives and the many challenges that officers deal with.  You know the toll it takes on your marriage, your children and your every day life.  Many of us are at different stages in this LEO wife life.  Some have made it to retirement (YAY!), some are nearing retirement, some are midway through and others are just getting started.  At each stage, we all have something positive to offer to those living this life.


Whether it be a supportive and listening ear, word of encouragement, hug, shoulder to cry on, friendship, someone who can run an errand while you’re homebound, taking a meal (whether it be homemade or ordered) to a family who is fighting for their life or adjusting to the arrival of their new little blessing, a back-up babysitter for those emergency situations or…let’s be honest…just everyday LIFE!


We know what a big undertaking it is for anyone who many consider taking on this important task.  The thought of starting and organizing a group from scratch can be intimidating and overwhelming, and there may be reservations and fears as this may be unchartered territory for you and your spouse’s department.  So we would live to help anyone that wishes to establish a wives’ group specific to their department with whatever support we can offer.


We hope you will take the big leap and be “that wife/leader” that takes the first step to establish a support system for your fellow wives, your families and your department.  The support, encouragement, unique bonds, friendships and blessings that will come from the benefit of an organized group of blue sisters is priceless!


Please, do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions!  We are here to support you in the vision you have of creating a more supportive community where you live.

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 Deborah Costello - President & Founder
Alyssa Jordan - Vice President
Rachel Joy Barrett-Dolcine - Secretary


Police wife since 2006. Mother of 4 blessings, 1 girl 3 boys. I’m a Midwestern (Kansas City, Missouri) girl who loves to craft, bake and travel. My life is lived in service to God and my family, both blood and blue. Founder of the Las Vegas Metro Police Officer Wives group and active in community support for Departments across the country.
— Deborah C.
Police wife since 2013. I became a wife in March 2007 to an amazing man. My husband is prior military, so we have had our share of experience in difficult careers. ;-) We have four beautiful kids, twin girls and two sons. I homeschool our children, and I started a photography business in 2018, so it’s hard to find time for any hobbies. When I DO get lucky enough to find some free time, I enjoy reading, writing, and cooking. One of my greatest joys is being involved with a lifegroup through our church, learning how to be a better wife, mother, and woman of God. I am very passionate about being apart of this nationwide group of women who uplift and encourage each other through some of the hardest stages of our lives. If I could choose one thing in life to be remembered by, it would be that I did my best to make a positive impact.
— Alyssa J.
Police wife since 2006. Full-time Crime Scene Investigator. Full-time Mother. Full-time coffee drinker (HA! Just kidding...sort of). Director of DRAGG Las Vegas, a non-profit after school program for at-risk youth. Since I also work in law enforcement, I understand the life of a police wife in a different way!
— Noreen C.
Police wife since 2008. Mother of three: one son and two daughters. I love to travel and believe a spa day is good for the soul. Marriage isn’t easy, but it’s worth it. Take time to invest in each other - nothing worth having grows overnight.
— Ashley C.