CHIEF – Over $5,000

CAPTAIN - $2,500-$4,999

LIEUTENANT - $1,000-$2,499

SERGEANT - $500-$999

OFFICER - $100-$499

BLUELINE BACKER - $15+ monthly donation.

We appreciate all those who support us and our efforts to support and build up the thin blue line families across America.

Those who sponsor between the ranks of Chief and Lieutenant will be listed by name with a hyperlink to the supporting business under the category under which their sponsorship falls. Sponsorships between the ranks of Sergeant and Officer will be added by name. You may add a name in honor or memory of an individual as well.


“Chief” Category


"Captain" Category

JR Roofing

Clark County Credit Union

Four Queens Resort and Casino


"Lieutenant" Category

Subaru of Las Vegas

“Sergeant” Category

Nordstrom Law Office, PLLC


"Officer" Category

In Memory of - Ken Powell