Hope4Blue provides aid and assistance to officers whose careers are cut short due to medical injures suffered on the job. The men & women of the Law Enforcement profession need our support now, more than ever! Help Hope4Blue provide needed areas of support for our Officers that have worked to keep our communities safe!


The Police Wife Life Blog. Living in a world where the vocal minority is constantly given a platform is discouraging and can be overwhelming. Remember, the majority of your community loves you, supports you and your family and respects the sacrifices you make. Don't let the dark overshadow the good in your life.


Badge of Life has a mission to lessen the impacts of both stress and trauma, the latter of which in particular can lead to post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and police suicide. The badge of life would like to de-stigmatize mental health and focus on well-being in law enforcement.


1stHelp is the first tool of its kind: a searchable database dedicated to finding emotional, financial, and spiritual assistance for first responders. It is free and easy use, and completely confidential...


Police officers routinely find themselves amid chaos. They deal with disorderly conduct, fatal car accidents and shootings, and they are constantly exposed to violence, distress and death. Their schedules can also be grueling. Officers often work mandatory rotating and overtime shifts, preventing them from spending enough time with their families or getting adequate rest. Negative publicity, budget cuts and layoffs also induce stress. This anxiety can take its toll, physically and mentally, steering some officers toward a life of drug or alcohol addiction...


A honorable and worthy cause to support. Hearts and Crosses memorializes those who have lost their lives protecting us or in senseless tragedies. They create and distribute beautiful plaques to the family to help honor their memory and keep them "FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS". They are funded solely by donations.

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